We are a group of dedicated friends who created the concept of Shezaadi after realizing the lack of safe, economic & convenient mediums for people to buy quality Vegan, Halal beauty products. We found ourselves having to purchase these types of cosmetics from overseas, often from uncertain sources, and at incredibly high prices.

From this void, we launched our platform in the form of Shezaadi to bring a means for people to be able to purchase cosmetics with a combination of ethics, practicality, and Vegan/Halal friendliness.

Our products are always Vegan, Cruelty Free, Organic, Halal, and Made in the USA.

Shezaadi means Princess in many Middle Eastern & South Asian languages, and in the same regard all of our products are inspired by historical princesses and have a story behind them.

We begin this endeavor with much excitement. We have many products being developed in our pipeline. For now, our pride and joy is our Signature Breathable Halal Nail Polish. Meticulously crafted to be oxygen & water permeable to cooperate with your ablution & promote nail health ever so effectively.

It is our promise to continue serving you forever in the pursuit of helping you be Brilliant, Bold, & Classy.“

“You Deserve to be a Shezaadi!”

EST. 2018

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